The S.P.A. Approach

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Scripture   Prayer   Accountability

The S.P.A. Approach is a Christ-centered methodology that encourages women to realize true peace, purpose and grace in life by:
  • learning and applying Scriptural truths to daily life
  • discovering the power of prayer based in God’s will
  • being held accountable for actions and responses

Whether you have personally accepted Christ or are feeling nudged to find out more, understanding Scripture, developing an active Prayer life and being Accountable for your decisions provides a life opened to its full capacity - and an opportunity to influence others to discover the same.

The Graces are living proof that consistent application of The S.P.A. Approach, Scripture Prayer Accountability, delivers God-inspired peace, purpose and grace to all areas of your life – no matter what is encountered along the way.

We’ve learned a lot and are still, won’t you join us on our journey toward the retreat of God’s divine healing and restoration?

  1. To learn how to embrace Scripture, Prayer and Accountability as ultimate solutions to achieving your God-ordained potential.
  2. To inspire you to move forward through adversity, persecution or alienation in matured faith.
  3. To influence lives and professional endeavors in a way that changes the world for Christ.
  1. Prayerfully consider women who will comprise your S.P.A. Group.
  2. Pray about what God would have the group study that best relates to current life challenges; then, develop topics for study, discussion and reflection.
  3. Commit to be completely honest with yourself and your S.P.A Group about struggles/triumphs, sorrows/joys and life areas in need of growth.
  1. Prayerfully consider women who will join you in becoming God's chosen covenant group.
  2. Keep it small - keep it simple.
  3. Never move away from number 1.