Why the Bible as a starting point?

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The Bible is one of the most effective tools one can use to navigate life’s pathways. Whether your Bible is dog-eared or dusty, we encourage you to begin reading it regularly.

To get your mind thinking about the devotion of true friends, read the gospel of John. John was the disciple that Jesus called His “beloved”. This “inner-circle” relationship with Christ defined John’s commitment to boldly share his experiences throughout all of his Biblical writings.

The gospel of John describes two people who loved each other without conditions. This attribute is essential to building trust and emotional intimacy within your S.P.A Group.

A complementary tool is our guide to The S.P.A. Approach®, A Journey to Grace, which points you to key Scripture verses that align Biblical truths to life’s circumstances.

A great starting point can be found at https://www.bible.com

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