The Altar
Here I stand in Your Sanctuary, Lord Jesus, hungry, thirsty for Your closeness.  The last hymn is being sung.  I want to throw myself on Your altar, but what will people think?  Will they view me as a troubled, lost soul, or might they grant me those few moments of peace at Your footstool.  No one else is up there.  Will I disrupt things?  

Lord, Your altar is precious to me.  I know You are nudging me there right now to simply kneel there for a moment, to drink from Your living water and share my thoughts with You.  I can't let my pride come before You.  

I push one foot foward.  As quietly as possible  I slip to one end of Your altar and feel Your overwhelming love and strength.  What is the vibration in the floor I feel?  Why here come another and another to pray.  

Thank You for Your nudging Spirit, dear Lord.  Thank You for meeting me here, again.