Thank you for the future.  Although there are times I feel unsure about what lies ahead, the future for me and the ones I love is in Your hands.  I feel confident You will be with me through the good times and the struggles.  While I obey Your Word, You will take my personal concerns to heart and bless me with what You know is best for me.  

I will glorify You by committing my future plans to You.  For each endeavor, I will trust You to help and direct.  As I work within Your will, I know You will bless my labor with success.  Thank You for helping me remember to never stray from Your leading.  I praise You for strength to do right. 

You, Lord are my Shepherd.  How dear You are for providing my needs, for granting me rest.  How marvelous it is when You guide me and gve me peace.  I take my frustrations and anxious concerns and lay them at Your feet, dear Lord.  A huge weight lifts from my shoulders as You pick them up.  Thank You for taking them over once again.  

Through this, I thank You and praise You for all that lies ahead.  

When I am On My Knees
Anita Corrine Donihue