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From Old Testament times to the suffrage movements to breaking glass ceilings, women continue to change the world. But power and influence rooted in a spirit of misguided defiance or pride can lead to unwise decisions, arrogance and behavior based upon selfish motivations…with accompanying consequences. True success and peace requires humility, trust and obedience – three challenging characteristics for assertive women who hold positions of influence or are striving to reach career pinnacles.

S.P.A. Women™ live by matured faith and become liberated of the need to control everything - ironically, the very control we worked so hard to achieve. Undertaking this effort solo can be daunting. So who can be trusted to help? Perhaps an unbiased group of other women who understand you and don’t judge but, instead, say…”Try again.” Women who hold you accountable yet offer a helping hand – your S.P.A. Group™.

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